Lunar is Messy & Tinsle’s 2nd Born Son. Like his older Brother, Emiliano, he has a deep connection with his Father, Messy. He's got a strong personality and strives to be like his Idol, Lunar. He's got definite Sweet tooth; he eats quite a few Sweets. Like his Father, he's a Bundle of joy. He's developing his fangs to learn Poison Fang. Lunar Freeze's signature Diapers are Psychic Type Diapers. They may look Girly, but, because Lunar Freeze is a Baby Umbreon, he doesn't care one bit, he has no shame to show off his Psychic Type Diapers or who sees him wearing them. He loves them. Lunar also has a Pink Crib to match his Diapers & a Blue Blanket to match his Blue Rings. He’s as cute as his father. He’s a precious little Umbreon & can tire himself out in like 20 minutes, then he’s fast asleep. He’ll even get me to babysit him & play too. His Middle name "Moonlight" come from the fact that he loves the light produced by the moon, though he allows loves being outside during the day, he loves relaxing under the moonlight wearing only his favorite psychic type diapers in the dead of night. His Daddy brings him inside after he falls asleep, so Lunar doesn't catch a cold for being outside too long since it gets a little cold at night & Lunar likes the warmth of his blankie & nursery.

He is also part of the LuxrayTale Undertale AU as Monster Kid.

Original Art by inkyroo.

His sleeping Art is by Frostile.

His Art that has him with his Daddy & Brother, Emiliano, is by TehShinySylveon.

Diapered Art by Ya-King.

Teenager art by ForestTreeko.

Art of him with Emile by Axial97.