Ailey Munitalp is LuxrayTale's Toriel Dreemurr. She was born between both Luxrainia & Houndoomia, The Homes of Sparky the Luxray & DoomFlame Munitalp the Houndoom Tactician respestively. Ailey is very caring & will do anything to protect the fallen Eevee, but, in the No Mercy Route, Ailey will realize that you're dangerous & will change into Ailey the Protector. She's stronger in the No mercy Route than Toriel.

No Mercy Battle Dialogue (After being attacked) Edit


You really hate me, don't you? Now, I know who I was protecting by keeping you here. Not you, but, them. No... I will not let any more lives be taken. Nor, will I let another child leave. You foolish Pokemon, You leave no me choice! I, Queen Ailey Munitalp the Espeon, will not let you continue your killing spree. All Pokemon deserve MERCY!!!!! You're too weak to survive out there, but, you can't flee this FIGHT. I gave you the chance to do so.

Art by Starry-the-Jolteon