Emiliano Freeze is LuxrayTale's Frisk; he's related by blood to Messy, William, DeepFreeze, Mizuki, Lunar & Tinsle. He fights only when possible, but, otherwise will spare everyone. He is a True Pacipaw. (Since he doesn't have fists, he's a pacipaw.)

He and his family been separated for 12 years, He's been in a Foster home because of Ghetsis. Because of his foster family, Emile's Family has forgot him, until the true pacipaw run. They remember him, but don't not recognize him. He wears his diapers & pjs into the underground.

In LuxrayTale, Emiliano is separated from his Family & sent into a Foster family due to Ghetsis taking a fond liking to the Prematurely Evolved Eevee, so Emile was sent to a family that would care for him like his original parents, Messy and Tinsle did. But, Emile was nothing without his real Mommy & Daddy. He missed them a lot, then one day, Emile went to the mountain Ghetsis trapped them in & wanted to reunite with his family, but, it has been 12 years & they don't recognize him. His Uncle William does recognize him though.