"Greetings, My Name is Spear."- Spear at the end of a No Mercy Run

At the end of LuxrayTale's No Mercy Route, is Spear, the Chara of the game. He ALSO has a Boss Fight that will ensue if you choose to not erase the world, it's also possible to spare him so he'll let you reset the world for free. If he wins, he'll require your SOUL, to reset the world resulting in a bad Subsequent True Pacipaw run. By Sparing Spear, on a subsequent True Pacipaw run, it'll still be a good ending.

Spear is also a midget Eevee who will actually scare a Pokemon bigger than him, for example Messy, in the image is being beaten by an Eevee he's actually bigger than & very scared of the tiny Eevee, who SHOULD be scared of him.

Art by Cocovee on Deviantart.