This is Messy & Tinsle Main Family of 5 Pokemon. Messy & Tinsle are the parents. Lunar, Emile & Angel are the sons.

Messy: The Jolteon Daddy, was born on June 24, 2016 in a Deeprealm that his father, DeepFreeze made himself. Messy was gifted Evolution straight after Birth. DeepFreeze didn't force his son to evolve, but, showed him the evolution stones trying to teach him what he could evolve into, but, Messy wanted to see what the Thunderstone would do, so he touched it & evolved after hatching. He was a pup, so it was curiosity that helped him decide his evolution. He was also given his first gift- A Baby Pacifier. Messy was so happy to get such a great gift from his Daddy Freeze at the time, so he became obsessed with it. He used to be a cryjolteon a lot, but, since then, he's grown up a bit, so he doesn't cry as often as he used to, but, one thing is for certain: his pacifier is not leaving his side- ever. Messy loves his pacifier since it's very important to him as a never aging baby. Though he has had his age bumped up from 5 months old to 7 months, so he's a bit more mature & older than his sons. Emile is 5 Months old & Lunar is 3 months old. Reason? He & his children are very close in age.

Tinsle: The Mommy Jolteon she's very childish in every aspect.