This is Messy Freeze. The Original Version before the LuxrayTale Versions came up. Messy is a 5 month old Jolteon who sucks on the Pacifier his Daddy Freeze give him on his hatch day. Messy is also a Father himself to his two sons- Emiliano "Emile" Sunlight Freeze & Lunarous "Lunar" Moonlight Freeze. His Wife is Tinsle Dace Freeze, who is also a Baby Jolteon like Messy, but, she's a real baby having Diapers, a pacifier, everything about his wife screams Baby. Messy used to be a huge cryJolteon, but, he's sort of grown up a little, but, not much. His Pacifier is sacred to him, if he were to lose it, he'd cry for days until it was found. He's also an apprentice Messenger to one of his two heroes, Jolteon the Messenger. He also looks up to Prince Zenton & trains with Zenton everyday with sword training. He's able to best Zenton even though he's real young & couldn't possibly hold the throne, Messy believes one day, he'll be King of Chiyeko. "The Playful little King", but, for now, his title is the "Prince of Cute."

Art by MeMiMouse and PinkEevee222.