Tinsle is the adopted daughter to Suizuki & LuxrayBlast. She is blood related to Mitsuo & Aithra, same as Kaleidoscope, She is a baby, but, younger than Kaleidoscope. She isn't Blood related to Mizuki, Ronin or Cousin, Kailyn Coullard, due to being born to Aithra Kageyuki & Mitsuo Kageyuki. Suizuki adopted Tinsle & Kaleidoscope as Daughters. Later, LuxrayBlast became her & Kaleidoscope's Adopted Father.

She is also married to Messy & has two little ones: Lunarous "Lunar" Moonlight Freeze & Emiliano "Emile" Sunlight Freeze.

In LuxrayTale & LuxrayFell, she is the Restaurant owner of Tinsle's, the LuxrayTale version of Grillby's. In LuxraySwap, she runs Tinsle's Eevee vet in the Playlands where she'll find abandoned Eevees new parents.

Accessories include:

Diapers, Ribbon, Paci Necklace, Baby Boots & a Flower on her head.