LuxrayTale- Part 2: Ailey, Chrome & the Ruins

Emiliano: Ms Ailey!

Ailey: Oh! I’m so sorry, I need to go shopping, please behave while I’m gone. Here’s some PokeGear for you.

Emiliano: OK.

A ghastly figure of an Umbreon lays in the way. Ask him to move?




Chrome: I apologize for being in the way.

Emiliano: -Cheers him on-

Chrome: Thanks. Hmm, let try this. -Makes a hat out of his tears-

Emiliano: Looks Awesome!

Chrome: Oh my, you’re very kind. I forgot what it was like to be cheered on. Heh. It’s funny. My wife & I still care for each other & DoomFlame. Though, I’m only the ghost of Ailey’s Husband, I’m still able to hug her.

Emiliano: Aww. I’m sorry.

Chrome: It’s Ok. I’ll go now.

-An Eevee walks up-

Eevee: Excuse me, sir. Will you sign this? It’s to help all Eevee find new homes when we reach the Surface.

Emiliano: Of course! -Signs it- There you go.

Eevee: Tank Yoo!


Ailey: Oh! When did you arrive? I’m sorry for not arriving sooner. It was wrong of me to leave you there, but, I see you Survived. Come. Welcome home, little one. Follow me. Here’s your room. I need to go check on something.

Emiliano: OK. -Takes a nap-

DoomFlame: Spear, wake up. Yu are the future of Pokémon & Humans.

(Skipping the conversation)

Ailey: I’m destroying your way out.

Emiliano: I just want my parents! Please don’t!

Ailey: Naïve little one, Don’t you know you’re safe?

Emiliano: Please, I want my Mom! I want my Dad! I want my family!

Ailey: You refuse to listen to me? Fine prove to me you can survive!


Ailey is trying to protect you.

Emiliano: I promise I’ll be safe, Ms Ailey!

Ailey: I don’t believe you. You just want the ones you believe ARE your parents.

Emiliano: Listen to me! Messy & Tinsle are my parents!

Ailey: Messy? I don’t recognize the name.

Emiliano: Please let me leave! I don’t want to fight you, Ms Ailey!

Battle Ends

Ailey: Alright. Please be safe little one.

Emiliano: I will.

Ailey: OK. You may come back when you please.

LuxrayB: Clever. You played by your own rules. I can’t believe my words didn’t get to you. I see you have Determination, but, remember, It’s still kill or be killed! You’ll start killing as soon as you get frustrated, I just know it. Then, you’ll realize that’s the ONLY solution. Don’t worry, my little star, I don’t plan to hurt my own Houndoom, this is WORLDS more intriguing! -Evil Laughter & leaves-

To be continued...